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My name is Bobi, I am a pool player, top-amateur, and from the experience I got from the 16 years of playing pool, I thought to prepare a technical program for players with level beginner-intermediate, seniors.

Because of this program, the Romanian Billiard-Pool Federation gaved me a instructor authorization for initiating new players into the art of billiad.

In this training I will reveal for you the basic billiard technique so you will lonely develop your senses for billiard, in a practice of 3 hours every day.

With the shown technique, you will become a amateur player, impressing your friends with a good quality game.

To put your name on the list of the top players from your city, or your country, besides the 3 hours of practice, you have to dedicate every day 3 hours more, for the same technique.

The consequences of the 6 hour practice, will be remarkable, but each one we fit into some possibilities in function of some aspects, aspects of our lives that has the purpose to improve ourselves.

The difference between amateur and top-amateur is not made by the technique, but it`s made by the capacity of each to analyze and feel every strike on the cue ball.

The purpose of this program is to develop your skills for the games of billiard.

The program is composed by 3 easy steps, each step one week. For 100% succes, you have to follow the steps exactly as I show them.

So, let`s begin...

Friday, December 16, 2011

I have just published my first eBook . Am publicat primul meu eBook .

   I have just finished to write an eBook named " Billiard Technics " . It is written in english language. You can find out some really important informations about billiard . You can buy it from:





   Doar ce am terminat de scris acest eBook in limba romana si engleza " Billiard Technics " . In el gasiti informatii educative despre jocul de biliard . Aici este link`ul magazinului online:

Lulu :

Apple :



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