Salut .

Bine a-ti venit ,

Eu sint Bobi , un jucator de biliard , amator de top , si prin experienta pe care am acumulato in cei 16 ani de cand joc biliard m-am gandit sa pregatesc un program tehnic de antrenament . Asadar , am pregatit un program de 3 saptamani , in care va voi dezvaluii tehnica de baza a biliardului , si in care va veti dezvolta singur simturile in ceea ce priveste biliardul , in 3 ore de antrenament pe zi . Cu tehnica ce o veti invata , veti devenii un jucator de biliard amator , impresionandu-va prietenii cu un joc de biliard calitativ bun :) .

Pentru a va pune numele pe lista jucatorilor de top din orasul , sau din tara dumneavoastra , pe langa cele 3 ore de antrenament trebuie sa mai dedica-ti inca 3 ore zilnic , aceleiasi tehnici .

Urmarile celor 6 ore de practica , vor fi de remarcat :) insa , fiecare ne incadram in anumite posibilitati in functie de mai multe aspecte , aspecte din viata care au ca scop imbunatatirea noastra personala .

Diferenta intre un jucator amator si unul amator de top , nu o face tehnica , ci capacitatea fiecaruia de a analiza si simtii fiecare lovitura a bilei albe .

Scopul acestui program este de a va dezvolta aptitudinea in jocul de biliard .

Programul se imparte in 3 pasi , simpli , de o saptamana fiecare , dar care trebuie urmati exact asa cum ii voi prezenta . Asadar , sa incepem ...

Welcome ,

My name is Bobi , I am a pool player , top-amateur , and from the experience I got from the 16 years of playing pool , I thought to prepare a technical program for training . So , I have prepared a 3 weeks program , in which I will reveal for you the basic billiard technique and in which you will lonely develop your senses for billiard , in a practice of 3 hours every day .

With the shown technique , you will become a amateur player , impressing your friends with a good quality game :) .

To put your name on the list of the top players from your city , or your country , besides the 3 hours of practice , you have to dedicate every day 3 hours more , for the same technique .

The consequences of the 6 hour practice , will be remarkable :) but , each one we fit into some possibilities in function of some aspects , aspects of our lives that has the purpose to improve ourselves .

The difference between amateur and top-amateur , is not made by the technique , but it`s made by the capacity of each to analyze and feel every strike on the cue ball .

The purpose of this program is to develop your skill for the games of billiard .

The program is composed by 3 easy steps , each step is one week . For 100% succes , you have to follow the steps exactly as I show them . So , let`s begin ...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Step 1 .

   God been carefull with each one , to have his own talent and his own power , but , because of different reasons , we didn`t used them , neither trained them , at least . We all know we can always go beyond our limits , but always in balance with the nature and with our body .

  Is never too late . ;)

  I am starting  with the presentation of a few basic informations about billiard .

  Billiard game , has more types of game , like , Snooker , Eight Ball , Nine ball , Ten Ball , Straight Pool , Black Ball and English Billiards .The difference between them is made by the specific rules of each . Because of this reason , the analysis is different for each one of them .

Monday, March 5, 2012

Step 2 .

      Well , the second week we dedicate it for the training of your senses .
    The developed senses offer us a better precision . To approach more to the perfection in technique , we will talk in detail about one important billiard tool , fundamental in precision, the cue stick .
    This week , we will also choose the best cue stick for you .

    The cue stick approved by the Wolrd Billiard Association , has to have this measures :

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Step 3 .


          The training of the third week , it`s a training of technical calculation .
    For this , we will apply on the pool game what we have learned untill now .
    So , we will train 2 hours , from Monday to Saturday between 11:00 to 14:00 , whenever you consider it is a good moment for you to play .